Drawing lessons from the Global Farmer Field Schools Network and Resource Centre

Drawing lessons from the Global Farmer Field Schools Network and Resource Centre

Over the last three decades, the Farmers Field Schools (FFS) approach has spread and is increasingly spreading successfully around the world. Implementing organizations increasingly receive requests from organizations to provide training, documentation, training materials, resource persons and trainers on the FFS approach for implementing FFS globally. With the global expansion, institutionalization and scaling-up of the FFS approach, a need arose to establish a decentralized network and resource Centre to cater for strategies and mechanisms for institutionalization and scaling-up, quality assurance mechanisms, low cost implementation strategies and mechanisms, a discussion forum, exchange of experiences, and quick access to resource and training materials, trainers, experts and documentation.

In support of these requests and developments, the FFS Foundation  developed the Global FFS Network and Resource Centre (FFSnet) in close collaboration with FAO, CTA and other partners in 2006. The objective of FFSnet was to create a network capacity of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the South to respond to the needs of programmes and projects (particularly FFS master trainers and facilitators) for knowledge, discussion and information on the FFS approach, particularly on institutionalization and scaling-up strategies and mechanisms, and quality assurance.

Currently FFSnet had four major components:

  1. FFSnet web site (http://www.farmerfieldschool.info).
  2. FFSnet database (http://www.infobridge.org/ffsnet).
  3. FFSnet Forum (http://www.farmerfieldschool.info/smf/).
  4. FFSnet listserves (http://farmerfieldschool.net/mailman/listinfo).

A partnership with the Infobridge Foundation helped set up an FFS database (Projects, Experts, Documents and FFS groups). The Eastern Africa database had over 5000 documents. Additionally an FFS newsletter was developed to update members and general public on various FFS events and information. In this webinar Mr. Arnoud Braun and Mr. Ruud Crul highlight the various lessons learned from this initiative.


FFSnet Training Report AFRALTI


Feb 10 2021

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